TOP Male Celebrities Who Complement Their Style With Harnesses





Whether we like it or not, fashion is an integral part of life. Is fashion about popular trends, a way to express oneself, or simply business? Yes, yes, and again yes. And at the very least, it is definitely a unique form of art. The reality is that stereotypes about modern women paying more attention to their appearance and new clothing trends than men are increasingly being shattered.

Men's fashion is also constantly evolving, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional notions of what is acceptable to wear. One striking example of this is the growing popularity of fashion harness for men.

Let's test this statement by exploring the style of celebrities wearing accessories – harnesses. Let's go!

Damiano David: Harness as a Manifesto of Freedom


Damiano David is the frontman of the band Måneskin, which gained recognition through Eurovision 2021. Apart from being very charismatic and talented as a musician, he attracts attention from all cameras on the red carpets. Why? Because, without exaggeration, Damiano is a true fashion icon. His style is an explosive mix of rebellious spirit, glamorous elegance, and Italian nonchalance.

However, it would be a mistake to think that he only complements his outfits with a harness for sensational performances. Not at all. The accessory is a part of the singer's everyday style. Damiano effortlessly combines leather pants, classically tailored suits, and loose-fitting elegant shirts with a harness.

Timothée Chalamet: Harness as the Highlight of a Total Black Outfit


Anyone who has watched Dune or the return of Willy Wonka this year is familiar with the young actor Timothée Chalamet. We know he definitely won your heart😌 And understandably so – sharp cheekbones, soft facial features, and silky hair did their job.

But all of this is irrelevant compared to the unexpected fashion surprise from Timothée. Arriving at the Golden Globes ceremony, he pleasantly surprised everyone with a bold yet restrained look, combining a harness with classic style. This is a game-changer for those who think that leather accessories only suit extravagant and colorful outfits.

Just look at how organically the black harness with studs complements black pants and a shirt. Timothée found the perfect balance between originality and moderation.

Ashton Sanders: Harness as a Subtle Sense of Style


Every year, the Museum of Cinema Academy's gala concert gathers numerous stars. It's not just a party with champagne glasses on the rooftop of a skyscraper, as some may imagine. Last year, the evening had a noble purpose—raising funds for exhibitions. And that's great, but there's something more exciting: the opportunity to see fabulous celebrity outfits!

Ashton Sanders, known for his role in the drama Moonlight, stunned the audience with impeccable taste as soon as the paparazzi posted photos online. The actor chose a classic black suit with a white shirt and glossy black shoes.

However, the highlight of the look was the accessories. In addition to gloves on his hands and a silver watch on his wrist, Ashton wore a suit with a harness. The leather accessory perfectly complemented the overall look, adding boldness to it. Massive buckles, metal rivets, wide straps – everything is great in this harness 😍 What do you say?

Adam Rippon: Harness as a Display of Refined Taste


Think wearing a harness is appropriate only for eccentric rockers or charming actors? Then what arguments will you present against the fact that this male harness fashion trend is found in the wardrobe of Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon?🤭

Yes, adding bold accents to classic elements characterizes the athlete's fashion sense. Beyond the ice rink, his love for accessories is evident – numerous rings, bracelets, watches. And, of course, a leather harness that expresses individuality.

By complementing the look with a black glossy bow tie, Adam creates a unique visual effect – a mix of black and white. It's not a new idea in fashion, but it still works.

Labrinth: Harness as an Accent of Uniqueness


You might think that men don't often indulge in the luxury of wearing brightly colored harnesses. However, we do more frequently see black leather accessories in the outfits of male celebrities. But there are always pleasant exceptions, like the British singer Labrinth.

Just look at his bright outfit: it takes your breath away. The fiery red shirt and trousers contrast with the black tie, while the red maxi coat pairs with patent leather shoes and gloves. However, the main focal point of the look is the red leather harness with an interesting design. Sturdy straps with metal hardware wrapping around the body create a “cobweb” effect on the chest.

Well, this accessory is certainly not about the ordinary; it's more about a modern perspective on fashion and the attempt to tell a story with it.

Jeon Jungkook: Harness as an Integral Style Detail


The world of K-pop hasn't shied away from leather accessories. Idols, with their excellent taste and personal stylists, are always stylishly dressed – whether it's for a music award or just a weekend outfit. All because they are under the scrutiny of fans and the press 24/7.

Jeon Jungkook is the “golden maknae” of the globally famous South Korean group BTS. His exceptional sense of style and fashion is undeniable. Therefore, any combination of different clothing elements is crowned with success.

A common accessory that cameras catch in the artist's looks is the harness. Whether at a million-dollar concert, a themed photoshoot, or at the airport – it's appropriate anywhere. The main thing is to pair it correctly with other clothing. And Jungkook nails it brilliantly.

One of the idol's favorite combinations is a leather harness + leather pants + a slightly fitted shirt in a color matching the accessory. How do you like this solution?

We Need More!

These are far from all male celebrities wearing harnesses. Sometimes, stars express themselves through maximalist extravagance. But if that's how they express their sincerity and honesty to themselves and openness to the world – it's beautiful.

A bright example of guys in harnesses is the rapper and singer Lil Nas X. You 100% know his country single Old Town Road, which went viral on music platforms and in the minds of thousands and thousands of people. Or Lil Uzi Vert, known for his extravagant hairstyles, piercings, and unconventional clothing style.



Harnesses are stylish for all, but they have such different subtexts: for some, an accessory adds confidence; for others, it's an opportunity to show the world their “self” and inspire; and for some, it's a unique way to spice up their look.

Why Is Harness for Men a Fashion Choice for Stylish Men?

Men have perfected their outfits for years, polishing their shoes to a shine and wearing Swiss watches on their wrists or metal chains. Finally, something interesting has emerged: harness for guys. Today, it's an additional accessory that, like a plane ticket, opens the door to the world of fashion.

By choosing a model that fits your overall image, you can make the harness your signature, a secret code. But don't be afraid to dive into wild experiments; sometimes, it leads to unexpected fashion discoveries! Mix styles, play with colors, find something that highlights your uniqueness and accentuates your silhouette.

You don't have to be a celebrity to individualize your outfits. Male celebrity style clothing is available in our catalog. Browse through it, and maybe you'll find what you've been looking for.🔥