Minimalistic Bags 2024: Everything You Should Know

Belt bags (also known as fanny packs) first appeared in the 1980s and 1990s and immediately became a fashion staple, especially for those who wanted to integrate style and comfort into their daily lives without carrying a heavy shoulder bag. Now they are back in better shape,  and leather belt bags for women are considered a fashionable and practical accessory.


What to Look for When Buying Belt Bags

The match of your bag to your clothes determines your overall look. An incorrectly chosen bag will easily ruin even the most stylish and expensive outfit. The accessory must fit harmoniously into the overall image and correctly place accents.

Therefore, when choosing, we recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • purpose and features of use (depending on your main goal and lifestyle);
  • material (extremely important, as it primarily affects your appearance and the durability of the accessory);
  • size (depends on your daily lifestyle and the number of items you need to carry).

Purpose of a Belt Bag

For some people, such a bag is a convenient way to keep important items (phone, wallet, or keys) at hand while traveling, shopping, or attending festivals. For others, it’s an element of style, i.e., an attractive accessory that complements an outfit or adds a retro touch to an everyday look.

A bag can be part of a subculture or lifestyle. For example, it is often associated with hip-hop and street culture. In this context, wearing a funny pack is an expression of closeness to the hip-hop community or simply a way to stand out from the crowd.

Although the purpose of such a bag differs, first of all, it is a practical accessory that allows you to carry important items without using your hands.

Benefits of Fanny Packs

Considering the compactness and convenience of the accessory, it is not surprising that it has come back into fashion and continues to be at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. Buying a leather fanny pack is the best choice at the current pace of life.

Ease of Use

Belt bags are incredibly comfortable and minimize the burden by being placed at the waist or chest. Nearby, in plain sight, but hands-free. At the same time, everything you need is with you.

One of the best features of fanny packs is their size. You can always find one that suits your needs.


For many people from the 90s, leather fanny packs cause nostalgia. Perhaps you wore one yourself or remember how your mother, father, or grandmother used a fanny pack on vacation.


The bags have a whimsical charm. Having everything you need at your fingertips may seem unusual at first, but once you wear the bag, you'll realize that waist bags are the best. Whether you wear them around your waist or across your chest, fanny packs have a specific charm that makes them irresistible.

How to Wear a Belt Bag and for What Events

Depending on your personal style and event, this accessory can be used in different ways. On our website, you can find a list of leather fanny packs and photos of how to wear them.

If all you know about fanny packs is a leather fanny pack with fringe, which your mom wore in the 80s, it's time to reconsider your opinion about them! Today, they are available in all styles and colors.

So, opting for a leather fanny pack for you:

  • At the waist, for a classic style. An easy way to keep everything you need close at hand. It will emphasize your shape and give your waist some elegance. If it is small, thread it through the belt loops.
  • On the chest, for a modern style. A chest bag over a blazer or fitted denim jacket will look super cool. Or slide it towards your back, and when you need to get your things, turn it back.
  • Over clothing for quick access to things. You can wear the accessory over a jacket or dress, use it as a belt, or tuck it into your shirt to attract attention. It will make access to things in the bag much easier.
  • Under a jacket for greater comfort. The entire outfit does not have to revolve around the accessory; it can easily be worn under outerwear.
  • Original combination of colors. For example, black goes with anything, while bright colors make your look stand out. For everyday style, we recommend choosing a plain color: it is an ideal leather fanny pack for all occasions. White, blue, green, red, and yellow accessories will be a contrasting addition to the outfit.
  • Bag with the pattern as a bright accent of the image. A patterned bag will perfectly highlight the look if you have yet to use bold details in your clothing. A retro-style leather fanny pack will handle this perfectly. If you have a restrained clothing style, you can choose a small vintage leather fanny pack, which will make you brighter.
  • Small belt bag as a basic model. A small black leather fanny pack is a great option because it suits many outfits and events. Looks good if worn with a thin leather strap or chain.
  • A slouchy fanny pack for everyday outfits. Such a model is usually larger and can hold more items. Clean leather fanny packs can be combined with almost anything, and bright or patterned ones suit a festive look.
  • Bag with pins or patches for a unique look. Enameled or acrylic pins and patches provide your leather fanny pack with a unique pattern, which only you will have!
  • Travel waist packs. They are indispensable on the go and can be worn both on the chest and the belt. In this case, a waist bag for travel not only emphasizes style but also performs a practical function.

Belt Bags in Everyday Life

This accessory is ideal for small but important things in everyday life: a mobile phone, wallet, glasses, hand sanitizer, lipstick...

The bag can be worn with workout clothes, taken with you on hikes, or worn over your shoulder while cycling or jogging. The belt bag is also suitable for formal events and parties.

With modern interpretations of the classic silhouette and undeniable ingenuity, such bags continue to be in demand in the 21st century. Bleak&Sleek made sure that you can pick up a new fanny pack to suit your image and style!