About us

Meet the Makers

Bleak&Sleek is a small business created and operated by two women: Anastasia and Galla. The brand was founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine and now is based in Pyrzowice, Poland. But we strongly believe that some day the vile and insane war against our country will be over and we'll be able to come back home. Now let's not talk about the sad stuff.

If you email us, in 90% of cases you will get an answer from Anastasia. She deals with the company's operations and handles customer inquiries (communication with you is too important for us to outsource). All the e-com, shipping, and management is on her.

Galla is a boss in our workshop. She develops and tests new models, which you see on our website. First B&S items were handcrafted by her from beginning to the end. She was gaining experience in local artisan workshops, where unique production technologies were preserved.

Galla on the left, Anastasia on the right

Bleak&Sleek was an experiment that turned our lives upside down, taught us to believe in ourselves and our ideas. Now we have a team of six people working in our workshops. They are just as involved in the craft as we are.

We're proud the fact that from the leather finishing to the rivet decoration all our pieces are handcrafted with love. With the aim of creating accessories that are an investment for years and only become more beautiful with age.