How to Perfectly Style Your Leather Choker

A choker is actually a retro accessory with a long history.

Such adornments were widespread in the past century. The famous actress Hedy Lamarr wore chokers made of velvet or precious stones, enhancing her outfits.

But everything good comes back, and vintage fashion is back in style!


The trend of 2024 is the choker, which will add individuality to your outfit. How to choose the right one for your clothing and hairstyle? Which one should you choose for a party and which one for a date? Bleak&Sleek experts will reveal all the secrets of styling chokers!

Casual Style: Smart-Casual With Leather Chokers

Do you think chokers are something whimsical and only for rockers, goths, or hippies? No, that's not the case! Feel the power of your character and show charm with this accessory. 

A leather necklace is a cool addition to a casual look and street style. Want to wear it with a black dress? Perfect! With denim elements? Super! We think the logic is clear. A choker is a versatile item; the main thing is to pick the type of accessory that will accentuate your look.

Easy Ways for a Combination of a Choker With Everyday Clothing

With jeans and T-shirts: This is a classic option for a casual look to meet up with friends or go shopping. Wear a monochromatic black choker with jeans and a black T-shirt; the color doesn't really matter. If your outfit looks too simple, a necklace adorned with metallic elements is a sparkly choice. Want to add a bit of rock and roll? Throw a worn jacket over your shoulder on top of the T-shirt.

With an everyday dress of any cut: Do you love romantic outfits? Wear a necklace with a dress. It can be a short summer one, for example – it doesn't really matter. Choose a thin choker that will highlight and adorn your neck, combining it with a printed dress. We recommend you wear wide accessories with a monochromatic dress so that they don't overshadow the accent. The color of the choker will depend on the clothing and your taste. Would you prefer a contrasting color or a matching shade? The decision is entirely up to you!

With other accessories: Want to add a piece of jewelry? Feel free to mix a necklace with a pair of golden or silver earrings, bracelets, a pendant, or rings. Choose items that match the color of the choker. In this case, a mismatch between it and the jewelry is not the best idea. Avoid bulkiness and overload by choosing accessories in moderation in terms of quantity and size.

Endless Choker – Everyday Item


Are you looking for a way to add a casual flair to your everyday look? Then, the Endless Choker is a leather choker collar curated right for you.

  • Rectangular metallic buckle on a thin belt adjusts the tightness level. 
  • Chaotic intertwining of the chain adds a touch of unpredictability to your outfit. 
  • A versatile choice for various occasions, from everyday to festive.

Casualness + playfulness thanks to a necklace = your bold fashion choice!

Edgy Elegance: Sophisticated Evening Attire with a Leather Necklace

An elegant look is not just a set of rules and trends but a true harmony between clothing, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and your inner feeling.

It's perfect for night parties, weddings, or any occasion when you want to look flawless. Want to make your outfit memorable? Try pairing it with a choker!

Easy Ways to Combine a Choker With Festive Attire

With blouses: Whether they have a closed neck, ruffles, or a deep neckline, all blouses are created for chic celebrations. It will be great to emphasize the look with a beautiful accessory. When choosing a necklace, pay attention to the color. Its harmony with the texture of the blouse will make the outfit perfect. With elongated monochromatic blouses, wear a choker with spikes and rings, and with cropped ones, try a piece with tassels and lacing.

With a cocktail dress: With this glam accessory, your lavish lace look will make you a star. If your dress is monochromatic, experiment with the color of a choker. For example, mix a red necklace with rhinestones with a pink outfit. Pick a wide choker if the neckline area is covered, and vice versa. Try wearing an accessory with metallic elements or a double strand of chain with a matte-textured dress and radiate confidence!

With an evening dress: A choker will be a highlight in combination with items of different fabrics like velvet, silk, or satin. For a look with sequins, select a more minimalistic necklace with small metallic rings or straps. Add a watch or a stylish clutch that matches the color of the choker to complete your outfit.

Victoria Choker – A Trendy Accent for an Elegant Look

Victoria Choker is a discovery for those who seek to enjoy and amaze!

  • Four eyelets add crystal sparkle and contrast.
  • The soft lacing, crossing over, creates a sense of playfulness.
  • Asymmetry and movement thanks to the loose ends of the string bow.

Tip: Tie the lace, but not too tight, if you want a sense of ease.


Highlight the sophistication of your look effortlessly!

Boho Style: Leather Necklace in Bohemian Fashion

Boho is all about mixing textures, prints, and traditions. It's a symbiosis of inspiration from various cultures that became a fashion pearl 60 years ago. Ethnic motifs, loose layered clothing, unique patterns, and natural vibrant colors reveal the vibe of this style.

A fascinating, eclectic look with a choker showcases your creative spirit and individuality. Don't tame your free-spirited nature!

Easy Ways to Combine a Choker With a Colorful Look

With a flowing dress: With these dresses, freedom is felt in every movement. The necklace will emphasize both gentleness and confidence, creating a harmonious outfit. Pay attention to the length of the dress: for a short one, a thin and elegant choker (it visually elongates the neck) is suitable, and for a maxi dress, opt for a voluminous and bright one to add energy to the look.

With embroidered kaftan jumpsuits: This is a trendy and comfy clothing option for various occasions. A choker complements embroidery or geometric prints perfectly. Since the jumpsuit elongates the figure, don't wear a necklace with a long detail to maintain body proportions. Complete the outfit with a scarf or a cowboy hat!

With floral prints: This is a fundamental coloration in the bohemian style. The choker will go well with any floral print – choosing an accessory in harmony with the main shade is key. For example, wear a nude leather ring choker with a dress featuring raspberry roses on a white background, and with a saffron suit (top and mini skirt), go for a black one with belts.

Rockstar Choker – Love at First Sight


Be open about your preferences with this necklace! Incredibly easy yet with a unique design. 

  • Available in black, pink, red, brown, and burgundy.
  • Comfy strap for adjusting tightness.
  • The wave-shaped design creates an unusual visual.
  • Decorated with securely attached rhinestones that won't come off.

Capture attention with a simple yet chic sense of style!

Final Word

Wear a leather choker according to your mood – bold, sensual, or perhaps playful. It all depends on the type of accessory and what you'll pair it with. Challenge yourself to play with different styles and bold colors. It's pure enjoyment to do it with accessories from Bleak&Sleek, which are pleasant to the skin and the touch.

Build a collection of chokers, discovering your signature taste. As Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion fades, style is eternal."