Men's Harnesses: How to Combine Accessories to Look Stylish?


To create a stylish and original look, modern guys may choose leather harnesses. A fashion men's harness will draw attention to the beauty of the line of the shoulders and legs and will become an adornment that demonstrates the owner’s extraordinary sense of style. 

A harness is an accessory usually worn around the waist or on the shoulders. It may be used in various cases:

  • as a way to express your individuality;
  • as a lifestyle;
  • as belonging to a certain subculture. 

Typically, harnesses have wide ribbons and can be supplemented with various elements of fittings, for example, buckles, spikes, or zippers. 

You can find all this aesthetics in the Bleak&Sleek workshop. The material from which our harnesses are made is the top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, processed and painted exclusively by hand.

In the article, we will talk more about a men fashion leather harness, starting from classic belts on the chest and ending with garters.

Men in Harnesses: 5 Various but Stylish Options  

Before choosing a harness, it is important to know what types they come in. For what? So as not to make a mistake with the choice when purchasing. First of all, the accessory should fit you perfectly.


  • On the chest

Men's belts, which are attached to the shoulders and go down the sides of the torso. 

What are the benefits?

  • Visually increase the width of the shoulders.
  • Creates the appearance of being taller.
  • On your feet (garters)

A system of men's belts attached to the thighs, calves, or ankles. They can be of different lengths, starting from the waist and ending below the knee.



  • In your arms

Wearing a simple white T-shirt, men’s fashion leather harnesses can be used as a fashion accessory to add a combative feel to your look. 

How simple and stylish at the same time!

  • On the neck

Despite its apparent minimalism, a leather choker with a metal buckle loudly declares its owner as a bold, stylish person.

There are also chokers with rings. They look no less interesting on the neck, adding zest to the outfit.



  • Combined design harness 

A harness is a versatile accessory that combines elements of different styles and designs that come together. Here it is, additional advantage! 

This gives a unique vibe to any look. And, most importantly, it is very easy. Just add a harness to your favorite items – and voila!

It is worth mentioning one thing that often misleads men. Are harnesses used for carrying weapons? Well, let’s dispel this myth right now. No, today it is more than a piece of uniform, today it is a male leather harness fashion trend. 

Variety of accessory species will allow you to emotionally enhance any fashionable look. Do you want to know how to style them for different images of men in harness? Then we'll tell you about it.

How to Wear a Leather Harness Fashion

Before you create your image, you need to learn how to combine harnesses with clothes. It depends on a harness type, color, and additional decor of this accessory.

Are you ready to wear what you really want, and not what fashion magazines dictate? Expressing yourself is the main and initial function of the harness.  


Fashionable men’s harness help you create your own unique, maybe bright, or maybe more restrained image. Here are some ideas on how to add a touch of rebellion to your image using variety of male harness fashion in your wardrobe.

Ideas for Creating Memorable Images With Harnesses

Casual style with a touch of uniqueness. Wear the harness over simple T-shirts or shirts, paired with ripped jeans and chunky boots. Complete the look with bracelets and chains.


Brightness. Combine a harness with a red cloak or jacket. Give preference to skinny trousers or medium-length shorts. Shoes with metal buckles or spikes will highlight your fashion statement.

Brightness 2.0. Wear the harness over a colorful shirt or an unbuttoned jacket. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors, show off your sense of taste to the fullest! Complete the look with chunky shoes with a bright accent on the sole or laces.

Do you like caps or hats? It's time to use them too.


Gothic style. Combine your harness with a black shirt or T-shirt. Choose black pants and platform shoes. Add accessories such as symbol pendants or birthstone rings.

Classic style. Who said that a harness is incompatible with classic white shirts or black straight-fit pants? Just look how effectively the harness complements the outfit. Add one detail, and the image becomes complete.



Vintage. Just think how quickly some things go out of fashion, and how long others can stand on the pedestal. Apparently, vintage fashion is doomed to last forever. The decision to combine a harness with a retro-style suit is simple but tasteful. It would seem like a suit + harness and nothing more, but how presentable it looks!

Military. Wear the harness over a camo shirt or T-shirt. Choose military-style pants and boots with thick, textured soles. Complete the look with accessories such as leather belts or bracelets.


These are just some examples of combining harnesses with your usual clothes. Whatever image you want to create, the main condition is thay your guy harness must be made of high-quality materials and not cause inconvenience. After all, when are we truly happy with our appearance? When we are comfortable in all meanings of this word. 

This is why you should pay attention to accessories from Bleak&Sleek. We guarantee the quality of each item because we approach each product with special love.

Why Should You Order a Harness From Bleak&Sleek?

Among the huge variety of harnesses offered by various manufacturers, Bleak&Sleek products stand out for their extraordinary, bold design, and unique manufacturing technology.

All harnesses, without exception, are made from the highest quality leather, manually treated with a liquid with a high fat content. This way, we create the smoothest possible surface that is pleasant to the body. The edges are sanded and carefully polished to add even more shine. 

Next, your new piece is hand-dyed. After the paint has dried, a thin layer of film is applied to create water resistance. 

That's all! 

  • You → get a unique item that will last for many years.
  • We → are happy because we fulfilled your wish by delighting you with hand-made products.

Men's fashion is a boundless space for experiments with style and self-expression. Every detail plays its role in creating a unique image. No wonder that leather harness fashion men have become an integral part of modern men's fashion.

We hope we managed to immerse you in the world of leather harnesses that can highlight your individuality. If you feel that you are ready for the next step, take a look at our catalog!