Leather Choker Collar as a Throwback to the 90s Style

The '90s… The time when music, movies, and television were full of eccentricity and rebellion. And fashion was no different; so diverse, elegant, and surprisingly both minimalist and vibrant at the same time.

Acid and leopard colors, comic prints, loose fits, oversized sneakers, and the denim era scream individuality, permissiveness, and complete opposition to balanced classicism. Leather choker necklaces 90s deserve special attention. This fashion trend is inspired by gothic and rocker motifs. These accessories quickly became popular among young people and won the hearts of millions.

Let's explore the beautiful past together.

Fashion of the ‘90s in the USA as a Breath of Fresh Air

The fashion industry of the '90s had a lasting impact on fashion history and still inspires designers and fashion enthusiasts today. If your parents were young during that era, you may have stumbled upon their old clothes in a closet and been impressed by their stylishness. These fashion pieces had a timeless quality that could be worn to work, or for any daily activities. This is the true magic of fashion!

Time for Experiments: Fashion Trends of American Youth

So what's the secret of '90s fashion? Why, after more than 30 years, are we still fascinated by it and find something of our own in it? The answer is obvious: the stylish solutions of that time wholly correlated with the mood and feelings of people at a specific moment. Fashion was about people and for people.

✔ Leather Style

It's already a classic, destined for eternal love from true fashionistas. 

Leather goods blend seamlessly with any other clothing style, from smart casual to boho and sporty. 

Leather motorcycle jackets, pants, dresses, belts – omg, I like it! And, of course, where would we be without the leather choker 90s trend that complements the everyday look?


✔ Grunge Style


Grunge is one of the most popular subcultures of the '90s.

Worn-out clothing, rugged footwear, dark makeup, ripped jeans, mesh, and oversized – that's the real Grunge!

By the way, 90s leather choker fashion is also a perfect element of your look in this style.

✔ Preppy Style

A style that originated among students of private schools and colleges and became beloved by many.

Elegant clothing, checkered patterns, stylish loafers, bright colors, and pleated skirts. That's how diverse Preppy was back then 😉

Leather chokers 90s can be the cherry on top of this look.


We hope that reminiscing about the past brings you joy without any trace of sadness. The fashion trends of that era truly represented the spirit of the times and allowed people to express themselves freely. It helped them to feel liberated and unrestricted.

How do you remember '90s fashion?

Leather Choker Necklaces From the 90s in a Palette of Different Styles

We think there are no doubts that the 90s necklace leather choker is a popular accessory. This is due to its versatility and unique style. Let's delve more into the success story of chokers.

The Idea of 90s Fashion Chokers

A choker is an accessory of various widths and thicknesses to wear on the neck. The most popular materials of all time remain leather and metal.

It would be wrong to think that these accessories appeared in the 90s. But the fact that this time saw the peak of their popularity is indisputable.

A historical excursion only proves that the accessory has undergone a turbulent path from a provocative symbol to a fashionable trend for people of different ages, genders, and preferences.

Choker in…

Ancient Egypt




Present Day

Symbol of status and power

Symbol of freedom and sophistication

Symbol of Hollywood stars

Symbol of independence and rebellion

Symbol of individuality and comfort

The idea embedded in 90s leather chokers highlights a casual approach to everything. Their connection with youth subcultures of that time (punks, goths) left an imprint of promoting freedom of self-expression and individuality through appearance.

Unlike modern solutions, leather chokers in the 90s were often black in color, rough and harsh to the touch, complemented with spikes and rivets that showcased the owner's strong character. However, there were exceptions. For example, a young Angelina Jolie preferred refined chokers with gemstones or minimalist ones made of fabric.


It's impressive that this accessory has remained fashionable for decades without losing its relevance.

Hollywood Stars and Leather Chokers from the '90s – a killer combo!

American celebrities of the 90s were true fashion leaders. They dictated trends that people from different corners of the world copied. Just think about the resonance caused by the "Rachel" hairstyle from the TV show Friends. And there's no wonder! Back then, Instagram and Facebook phenomena did not yet exist. That's how long ago it was, can you imagine?.

A similar story happened with leather chokers in the 90s. Many celebrities proved that these accessories were worthy of being in the wardrobe alongside traditional jewelry. It was a real Hollywood fashion scene at that time. What's not to love about Reese Witherspoon's nostalgic Instagram post, where she enthusiastically recalls the 90s and the fashion of that era?


Who were the promoters of 1990s-2000s leather choker?

  • Madonna
  • Gwen Stefani



  • Britney Spears
  • Lenny Kravitz



  • Jared Leto
  • Drew Barrymore



Celebrities weren't afraid to showcase their desires in style by completing their looks with chokers. We believe this drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, inspired unconventional forms and bold combinations, and laid the foundations for the Love Yourself culture.

What Does the Modern Fashion Market Offer?

Look around and you'll see that leather chokers from the 90s are back in trend, but with new interpretations. Fashion indeed comes full circle! However, these accessories come in a wider variety and a spectrum of styles today. They can be rebellious or elegant or perhaps just serve as an additional element to your outfit.

Many designers and brands have added chokers to their collections, infusing them with glamour, luxury, or romance. For example, Blumarine introduced leather accessories with pearls and decorative roses, while Fendi made chain chokers with gold-finish metal.

90s leather chokers are an excellent addition to casual and evening looks.

Do you wear chokers?