Mastering the Art of Harness Styling: How to Style Harness

Do you often deny yourself the pleasure of wearing what you want? Afraid to stand out? Care too much about what others think? Enough! Be bold with a unique harness from Bleak&Sleek. 

We have a great appreciation for fashion products that are truly unique and made of a quality material. Our strong attention to detail and commitment to handcrafting ensures that our creations are nothing short of perfection.


Think a harness is only a symbol of goth style? Damiano David from Måneskin certainly doesn’t think so. He makes a fashion statement with every outfit.


Leather harnesses are accessories that speak louder than words. We'll embody any idea you have, offering a range of women's and men's clothing, from shoulder pieces to garters, available in a variety of colors (e.g., black, pink, and red)  and sizes, from zero to oversized.

You've come to the right place if you appreciate limited-edition items like Brooke Chrix. With experience as a content creator and luxury sales professional, she certainly knows how to skillfully complement her look.

"Adding a harness to an outfit to me means mixing creativity and confidence. These harnesses add the perfect amount of edginess, versatility, and individuality to each outfit" – fashion influencer Brooke Chrix.

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of style!

Euphoria Harness

⚫   🔴   🟤   🟣

Want to accentuate your curves? Then this garment is the perfect choice. Its sturdy belts, wrapping around the waist, will make your silhouette elegant.


  • Asymmetry
  • Reliable silver or gold details like eyelets and a buckle
  • Adjustable: perfect fit to the figure thanks to 4 buckles on the sides and front

A must-have if you are open to something new in style.


What Does Brooke Chrix Think?



"My favorite way to wear the euphoria harness is by wearing it over a chunky blazer. This way, my harness can give my outfit a nice tailored look that it wouldn't ordinarily have."

Want to create an unforgettable look with Euphoria and emphasize your style right now?

Dita Corset Belt


⚫   🔴   🟤

Looking for garments to shape your figure? Look no further! This product creates an hourglass illusion by securing the strap around your torso. 

  • Stylish feminine cut
  • Belt inserts of different width
  • Accentuates the roundness of the hips

Harness style belt is a lavish choice for the confident and black total look enthusiasts.

What Does Brooke Chrix Think?


"I prefer wearing the dita corset belt over a dress or a skirt that has some flow at the bottom. This gives extra shape to the outfit and the juxtaposition of soft and edgy creates a captivating visual contrast. This harness also highlights natural curves of the body. Adding the perfect vocal point to the outfit."


Let's be honest, Dita won't leave anyone indifferent. But are you ready for it?

Mylene Harness

⚫   🔴   🟤

Looking for a combination of comfort and style? Appreciate the simple and sophisticated model. The ring on the back adds a special charm, and the thin strips make the accessory barely noticeable.

  • Universal design
  • Convenient attachment under the chest
  • Quality metal pieces
  • Removable chain included

With this harness style top, you will always stand out whether you are at work or attending a family party.


What Does Brooke Chrix Think?


"The mylene harness, my personal favorite accessory is the easiest to add to most outfits. Opting for a chest harness over a simple shirt can draw attention to your décolletage adding an intriguing touch to the neckline. My favorite way to wear this one is with a tight shirt and cargo jeans but the options are truly endless."

Are you daring enough to add a touch of boldness to your outfit?

Striking Look with Various Harness Styles

The main advantage of harnesses is their versatility. Feel free to combine them with basic clothing items such as a crop top, shirt, turtleneck, skirt, suit, shorts, trousers, and more.

Our experts have made up several diverse looks for you, where the highlight will be the harness from Bleak&Sleek.

#1: Monochromatic

  1. Euphoria harness in black color.
  2. Form-fitting red dress of darker shade with a V-neckline.
  3. Black shoes with a tall heel.
  4. Rosary necklace or choker.

#2: Romantic

  1. Black Dita harness.
  2. White sleeveless blouse with lace.
  3. One-color, straight-cut skirt.
  4. Slim leg jewelry and cushion ring.

#3: Rock style

  1. Mylene harness in red color.
  2. Black T-shirt, preferably without a print.
  3. Flared  blue jeans.
  4. Long leather coat or cardigan.

Wear the harness over clothing, not under it. After all, it's not lingerie but a decorative element that should be visible!

How to Avoid a Fashion Catastrophe?

Fashion is a game where you set the rules. However, when you create a modern look, we recommend you to:

  • Choose models that fit your body type.
  • Consider workplace formal dress code.
  • Choose lingerie in a tone that matches the harness.

Listen to Brooke Chrix's advice, and you will certainly get many compliments!

"A harness is also best paired with another edgy accessory to add balance to the look (i.e., chunky boots, a mini skirt, a leather jacket)" – Brooke Chrix.

Still not sure you can create cool designer looks with a harness? No problem! Start with the classics – restrained color palette, minimal jewelry, simple silhouettes. However, if you have wild ideas, go ahead and embrace them. Don't restrain your inner little devil!

Mastering leather harness styles may pose challenges, but with a bit of practice, you'll become a true stylist for yourself. Finally, here are a few life hacks.



Choose a harness that emphasizes individuality and matches your mood. Find your way to tell the world, "This is who I am."

Complete the look with details such as a bag, a watch, glasses, a scarf, or accessories. But remember, more doesn't always mean better.





Don't blindly copy trends; personalize them. Fashion trends don't suit everyone, so when choosing a harness, consider body type, color type, and preferences.


A harness from Bleak&Sleek is an exclusive love body accessory that is pleasant to the touch.

You'll definitely find a harness that resonates with you and becomes a faithful companion to your everyday looks.

In the words of Brooke Chrix: "A harness is a symbol of empowerment and truly will elevate any look." Experiment with our product, and you'll become a Ferrari in the world of accessories if you know what we mean.