What is a leather fanny pack

A belt bag as a fashion accessory has returned from the past, where they were distinguished by a strictly utilitarian character and a monotonous sporty style. On its long journey to the fashion catwalks, the model has undergone many surprising changes. Designers added stylish shapes and retained the basic functions of a useful accessory.

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The History of the Fanny Pack

The custom of attaching a small object to a belt, reminiscent of a modern bag, appeared, according to some sources, in Ancient Greece and Egypt. The history of the very first bag dates back to the 14th-15th centuries. The first sample was presented in the form of a leather wallet that was hung on a belt. The purse on the belt was made exclusively from expensive materials, often trimmed with fur and decorated with precious metals. After some time, trends began to change, which led to the emergence of different models of bags.

The revival of the fanny pack occurred in the mid-to-late first decade of the 21st century. It was common among young people who were interested in skateboarding and other active sports. The value of this bag was that you could put the most necessary things in it, while the bag did not restrict movement, and your hands always remained free.

There's nothing the fashion industry loves more than the chance to force everyone to radically change the way they look at unfashionable items and turn an ordinary item into something cool and popular. In the fall of 1994, Karl Lagerfeld created a bag for the Chanel fashion house. The bag was made in the signature quilted style and was worn on the belt.

By the end of the 90s, all leading fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and others, had added belt bags to their lineup. Non-traditional fashion trends also joined the trend, making the fanny pack an element of the image of hipster slackers on the US coast.


Fashion experts attribute the birth of the craze for fanny packs to the Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016 collection when the designer presented fanny packs on the catwalk. Much water has passed under the bridge during this time; fashion designers have created an innumerable number of variations and interpretations of the fanny pack. The result was rough Balenciaga purses, bohemian round Gucci handbags, and the most delicate Jaquemus.


Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a brand that would not take the chance to prove itself by inventing an exclusive leather fanny pack. Lovers of style and comfort will be able to choose a product to suit every taste.

Types of Leather Fanny Packs

The stylish accessory successfully complements a casual look and will be appropriate in other situations. 

  • Classic Leather Fanny Pack:

Fanny packs in casual style are at the peak of popularity among both men and women. Such accessories go harmoniously with any clothing in a casual or sporty look. Practicality, minimalist design, and increased capacity allow you to wear it both on your belt and on your chest or back in the form of a miniature backpack. The accessory is characterized by a minimalist design, the absence of bright fittings, and discreet colors. 


  • Small Leather Fanny Packs:

A small fanny pack can be a worthy competitor to a clutch: the smaller volume is fully compensated by its sophisticated elegance. Designed for storing money, passports, IDs, and bank cards. It is mainly made of leather and suede. A small bag is good for an evening out. 


  • Leather Belt Fanny Pack:

It will organically complement a classic suit or a romantic look. You can buy a women's belt bag instead of the usual belt, which usually emphasizes the waist. In this way, you can belt a voluminous coat or a loose-fitting dress. For fans of everything miniature, the designers suggest paying attention to belts with small bags attached to them with chains and clasps, reminiscent of key holders and change purses.


Ways to Wear a Leather Fanny Pack

Ways to wear a leather fanny pack are constantly being enriched with fresh ideas. Any variations are welcome because the combination of convenience and expressiveness of the look is always at the height of fashion.

There is no clear answer to the question of how to wear fanny packs correctly. The secret of harmonious use of an accessory is to maintain freedom of movement, usefulness (everything you need is at hand), stylistic appropriateness, and the rest is an individual choice.

  • Around the Waist:

Here you need to build on the size of the accessory. For example, it is better not to fasten bags that are too large at the waist - they will add extra volume to the waistline. But flat, laconic options will be a worthy alternative to a belt and will help highlight your figure. The main thing is to move the accessory slightly to the side - this way, the outfit will look more harmonious.


  • Crossbody Style:

Don't forget about the most common way of carrying bags for every girl - on the shoulder. Although, according to the original idea, this accessory should be located on the belt, stylists and fashion bloggers confidently use a leather fanny pack as a messenger. At the same time, the bag itself can be positioned as the owner wishes: on the chest or on the shoulder blades.


  • As a Belt:

Wearing a leather fanny pack as a belt is a stylish and convenient way to carry your essentials. Make sure you have a fanny pack designed to be worn as a belt. These typically have a slim shape and a belt-like strap attached. Thread the belt strap of the fanny pack through your belt loops. Feel free to experiment with different placements and angles to find the look and feel that suits you best.


Caring for Leather Fanny Packs

To ensure that your leather bag retains its shape, color, and elasticity, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not leave the accessory hanging for a long time - the handle of the product may stretch. Place or place the bag on a flat surface;
  • Put your bag in a closet if you don't plan to use it for a long time. This way, you will protect your accessory from dust and sunlight.
  • When dirty, wipe the product with a damp cloth using a soap solution. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth so that it does not absorb into the leather. The procedure will help remove dirt, and dust, and maintain a fresh look.
  • Take care of protection: it is easier to prevent the appearance of dirt than to get rid of it. Use professional care products that protect your leather bag from moisture and dirt, soften, nourish, and renew the surface.